Footwear treatment

Proper care of footwear is often a prolongation of its exploitation, as well as durability and high quality. GALANT branded footwear is made of the best components, but in order to keep its class for a longer period of time, it is important to keep in mind a few simple maintenance rules.

  1. Proper use of footwear

The most important guidance that we should pay attention to is the manufacturer’s recommendations for footwear. Every user must be aware of the material from which the shoes have been made, because it depends on in which circumstances we can use them. Boots made of suede material exposed to moisture or mud will be permanently discoloured or deformed.

  1. Impregnation and care of footwear only with tested products

Professional products for impregnating and cleaning shoes will be helpful maintaining footwear in good condition for longer. Depending on the type of footwear material, we use cleaning chemicals dedicated to this product. Also remember to test the product previously on an invisible part of the footwear. This will protect the shoe in case of unwanted reaction of the material with the cleaning product.

  1. Never clean your footwear in a washing machine

Cleaning of dirty footwear should be carried out with special care only by means designed for this purpose. Do not wash your footwear in a washing machine, as the effects of contact with detergents can be irreversible.

  1. Drying the footwear only at room temperature

For wet soaked shoes due to weather conditions or care measures, be sure to dry them properly. Leave wet boots to dry at room temperature away from the heater and the fireplace. Drying should be carried out slowly and carefully. To avoid distortion, apply dedicated blocks by placing them inside the boot.

  1. Take care of leather only in the right way

Footwear made of leather or synthetic materials should be cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. Wait for the soaked shoes to dry and then carefully apply the compound onto the surface of the entire shoe. Always choose the colour-adapted products for your shoes, possibly colourless. After the product has dried, polish the boots with a soft cloth to a gloss finish.

Products made of chamois or velour leather are more sensitive to soiling than veneer leather. Remember to pay attention during cleaning to the dust mist in which dirt stops. Wiping the chamois with a cloth will definitely worsen the problem, so start by brushing your footwear with a professional brush and then remove deeper dirt with an eraser. Wash the stains and discolouration with a fine cloth and rinse the entire shoe. After wiping with a dry towel, leave the footwear to dry at room temperature. When the footwear is dry, protect your shoe with a professional spray for this type of leather.