Size table

Choosing the right footwear size is extremely important, as a badly fitted shoe can have serious consequences on our health. Due to fact that length of the manufacturers’ insoles may differ radically despite the very same numbering, we have prepared a table of footwear sizes signed with our brand name.

However, before you find the correct numbering in our table, check how to measure your foot correctly. Use one of the following three ways to do this.

How to measure the length of a foot?

First way: Prepare a sheet of paper on which you will draw your foot. Measure the distance from the big finger to the heel. Add 0.5 – 1 cm to the obtained length and find this result in our table.

The second way: Find shoes similar to the one you are planning to buy. Measure the length of the footwear insert and find the result in the table.

The third way: use a ruler to measure the length of your foot from your heel to your big finger. Remember that the insert should be about 0.5-1 cm longer than the foot. Check the obtained result in the table.

SIZE 35 36 37 38 39 40 41
Insole length (cm) 23 23,5 24 24,5 25 25,5 26
Max. foot length (cm) 22,5 23 23,5 24 24,5 25 25,5

What is worth remembering when choosing shoes?

When planning to buy shoes, don’t forget to measure the length of your foot to choose the right footwear size. Remember that the size of your footwear must be a few centimetres longer than your foot. According to the rules, this difference is about 5% of the length. Remember, however, that the length of your foot changes with time and exhaustion. We therefore recommend measuring their length with average exhaustion. Size of sports and formal footwear are different.

When choosing sports shoes, it will usually be one size larger than formal footwear. Therefore, this difference must be taken into consideration while measuring the insert of sport shoes to purchase formal.